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MS Access 2007 Trusted Locations

All current versions of At Work software are digitally signed - so Trusted Location settings are not required.

It is only for OSHatWork version 1 that Trusted Location settings need to be considered so, if you are still using this, please read on (or preferably update to the latest version).

For OSHatWork version 1 it is recommended that you set the folder which holds the interface file as a Trusted Location.

If you choose to NOT set the application folder as a Trusted Location you will get a message similar to the one shown here (with the actual filename depending on the application being opened) each time you start the application - and you will need to click the Open button in order to use the program:

MS Access security notice.

To Set a Folder as a Trusted Location

The folder which holds the Application Interface file is determined at the time of installation. The default is C:\Program Files (x86)\OSHAtWork. ("Program Files (x86)" will instead be "Program Files" in 32 bit versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows XP).

To set the folder as a Trusted Location, follow these five steps (note the red arrows highlighting the places to click):

  1. Open Microsoft Access 2007.
  2. Click on the Office Button and then on Access Options:
    MS Access Options.
  3. Click on Trust Center and then Trust Center Settings:
    MS Access Trust Centre.
  4. Click on Trusted Locations and then 'Add new location':
    MS Access Trusted Locations
  5. Browse to the application folder which is to be tagged as a Trusted Location.