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Fast-track to Productivity!

If any of these Guides inspire you to explore areas of OSHatWork that you're not yet fully familiar with you might like to consider some cost-effective training to fast-track you towards maximum productivity!

The Guides

There are two types of Guides:

  • Step-by-Step Guides, and
  • Discussion Guides.

Step-by-Step Guides

Each of the following step-by-step guides provides a sequence of instructions for a particular activity:

Discussion Guides

In each of the Discussion Guides you will find:

  • an outline of things you may want to do in the workplace, and
  • an explanation of how OSHatWork can help you with these.

The Discussion Guides provide data management advice, not legal advice. (So if you don't yet understand your legal obligations in HR, WHS or risk please discuss these with a suitable consultant).

Like to see something else discussed? Please submit your suggestions.