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Corrective Actions


Whether you call them "corrective actions" or something else, actions of some kind may be necessary following audits, inspections, hazard identification and incident occurrences.

Irrespective of the origin of a corrective action you may want to assign it to someone, keep a record of it, and ensure that it is completed.

Personnel to whom corrective actions have been assigned will want to be able to easily produce a list of any outstanding corrective actions.

For some corrective actions it may also be prudent to have a close-out review in which the success of the completed action is assessed (i.e. did it achieve it's goal).

From a personnel management perspective you will find it beneficial to know whether the people who have been given responsibility for corrective actions are completing them in a timely fashion.

Using The Software

OSHatWork handles audits, inspections, hazards and incidents and the corresponding corrective actions;

In addition, OSHatWork allows you to record "independent" corrective actions. i.e. Those which are unrelated to an incident, hazard, audit or inspection.

A reminder is automatically created for each corrective action.

If close-out reviews are scheduled then reminders are created for these too.

An on-screen viewer provides a summary view of all corrective actions and can be filtered to show those open or closed and assigned to yourself or someone else. A corresponding report can also be generated.

Reports are also available for the corrective actions associated with a selected audit, inspection, hazard or incident.

At intervals you may generate the Corrective Action Timeliness report which lists all the personnel assigned to corrective actions and shows the timeframes within which they have been completing them (e.g. how many were completed on time, how many 1 day late, 3 days late, 7 days late, etc .. and how many are currently overdue).


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