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Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA), also known as Job Safety Analysis (JSA), allows you to consider the risks faced by personnel in a particular job.

This will involve a review of:

  • tasks undertaken,
  • work areas entered,
  • related risks, and
  • chemicals involved or present.

Being able to present the personnel in each job with a concise report that summarises these is useful when discussing safe work practices.

Using The Software

With OSHatWork you can:

  • for each person, keep employment records - including the job they are in,
  • for each job, record:
    • the work tasks performed, and
    • the work areas typically entered;
  • maintain a risk register and, for each risk, record:
    • the work tasks affected by it, and
    • the work areas affected by it;
  • maintain a chemical register and, for each chemical, record:
    • the work tasks in which it will typically be encountered,
    • the work areas it is present in;
  • for each job, produce a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) report that lists any one or more of the following:
    • the personnel currently in the job;
    • the work areas typically entered;
    • the work tasks performed;
    • the associated risks; and
    • the chemicals typically encountered by personnel in the job;
  • because you can choose which parts to include in the Job Hazard Analysis report you can leave out the list of personnel - so it then becomes a report that you can give to a person in that job;
  • save any report to a pdf file;
  • configure security options that determine what each user can do (what data they can view or edit).


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