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Reps can include worker health & safety reps, management reps, etc.

A register of reps should include both current and past ones so that if, in say the course of an investigation, you need to know who the reps were at any particular point in time you can readily determine this.

Since reps are generally appointed for a particular period of time you need a record of these periods - and reminders when they are close to expiry so that you can arrange for the appropriate processes, such as elections, to enable appointment of new reps.

Using The Software

With OSHatWork you can:

  • maintain a register of reps and, for each rep, you can:
    • specify a type (such as "health & safety");
    • record each period of representation;
  • get reminders prior to the expiry of each period of representation;
  • generate reports such as:
    • a list of all current reps;
    • a list of reps of a particular type (e.g. your health & safety reps) who were current at a specified date;
    • a list of reps elected within a specified date range;
    • a list of reps representing a particular region;
    • all representative roles held by a particular person.


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