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Discussion on
Workers' Compensation Claim Management


To manage workers' compensation insurance claims you will need records of, and reporting on:

  • the status of each claim;
  • costs claimable;
  • reimbursement requests lodged; and
  • reimbursements received.

You will want to be able to see whether reimbursements match amounts claimed.

You may also want an active involvement in any related rehabilitation including developing a rehabilitation program that incorporates modified duties and medical help.

Using The Software

With OSHatWork you can:

  • Manage all the records described in the "Workplace activities/obligations" panel.
  • After recording incident costs, and tagging those that are claimable, generate a reimbursement request for sending to the insurer.
  • After reimbursements have been received, generate a reconciliation statement to check that reimbursements received match amounts claimed.
  • Keep comprehensive records of the incidents from which the workers' compensation claims arise.
  • Analyse incidents, incident costs and workers' compensation claims to identify trends (such as the work areas or departments where the highest claims are originating) so that you can target resources in the best way to minimise future incidents and claims.


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