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National Safe Work Month

National Safe Work Month (#safeworkmonth) is a great motivator for enhancing health and safety in your workplace.

To achieve the best outcomes, you need good record-keeping practices and reliable reminders.

OSHatWork helps you with both these things and, with all new subscriptions purchased during Safe Work Month, we will provide you with an additional, free, 2 hours training (live over the internet) to ensure that users get the best possible start with the program.

Since all new subscriptions already get one hour of free training, this means you have three hours of training, at no extra cost, that you can take at any time during the subscription period.

Enable the Safety Champions in your organisation!

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More info:

Conditions of this offer:

  • the training will be delivered at a mutually convenient time of day, live over the internet,
  • the training must be taken within the initial subscription period,
  • payment for the first 12 months of the subscription must be made before taking the training,
  • free licences are not eligible for this offer.