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Free Licences

Our comprehensive OSHatWork® program covers all aspects of WHS, risk and worker skills management, and even employment records - and now you can use it for free!

You can read about all the great features of the program here.

The free licences available have:

  • no initial cost,
  • no ongoing costs,
  • some conditions.

The following free OSHatWork licences are available:

  • a not-for-profit charity organisation can acquire a licence that permits multiple simultaneous users;
  • a commercial organisation or government department can acquire a licence that permits multiple users, but only one user at a time.

The conditions pertaining to these free licences are:

  • each licensee will be entitled to update to each new version, as they are released, at no cost;
  • free licences do not qualify for free support (whether for use, installation or update) but we may provide this at our sole discretion (and support is always available for a fee);
  • free licences do not qualify for free training (but training is available for a fee);
  • most bona-fide requests for a free licence (to improve the management of risk, WHS and worker skills within your organisation) will be approved but we reserve the right to not accept a particular request for any reason (such as what you do or where you are);
  • at any time, an organisation with a free licence can convert to a licence with an annual subscription fee (whether to enable simultaneous multi-user operation, or to make use of the included support, or simply to support us and our ongoing development program!);
  • these conditions supercede any conflicting provision in the licence document that can be viewed inside the program.

But Why?

People are often very reasonably wary of "free offers" so what follows should help to dispel any concerns you may have.

There are no hidden catches with this offer of free licences.

You will get a program that is used in major government bodies and in small, medium and large commercial organisations.

The program features you get will be the same as the features provided to users who pay for the program.

The only difference between the free licences and the paid licences are the conditions that have been listed above.

You benefit by using a great piece of software with zero expense.

The rewards for us are:

  • the knowledge that we are helping to improve your WHS and risk management, and potentially benefitting the wellbeing of your personnel;
  • the satisfaction that comes from having more people use a program that an enormous amount of time, effort and enthusiasm has gone into; and
  • the potential to gain paying customers via the wider awareness of just how good OSHatWork is!

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