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Every new licence (excluding the free ones) gets one initial hour of training free!

If you've already had your free session (or your licence is free), invest a few coins in some training and see your skills grow!


OSHatWork is supported by a detailed user manual, and a comprehensive help system, but people benefit from live training.

Both new and existing users always say how beneficial a short (one hour) training session has been.

Each training session is unique to you. Standard features will be covered but you can ask any questions and get an immediate answer.

It doesn't matter where you are, you will be trained over the internet via TeamViewer. You can see what's on the trainer's screen as features are explained and demonstrated.

You don't have to travel. The trainer doesn't have to travel. So the cost is kept as low as possible and there is very little interruption to your normal work.

Get in touch to book a training session.

You'll be more productive afterwards and you might be surprised by the cool features you discover!