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Discussion on
Employees and Contractors


Whether your personnel are salaried or hourly rates employees, or contractors, you have many of the same needs in relation to ensuring their health and safety (as covered in the other Workplace Wisdom discussions) - but of course you also need to maintain employment records including personal information (like next of kin) and details of each period of engagement.

Using The Software

With OSHatWork you can:

  • record all the people who work for you (whether employees or contractors) and, for each of these people:
    • record personal details, next of kin, birth date, and a link to a picture;
    • record any number of periods of engagement and, for each of these, record:
      • commencement and termination dates;
      • engagment type (such as "staff", "contractor", etc);
      • tenure (e.g. "full-time permanent", "part-time casual", etc);
      • employer (which you could use for the employer entities within your group, or for the organisation the person is contracted from);
      • job and occupation;
      • department, work area, supervisor and project;
      • shift and roster;
    • maintain health records (and manage vaccinations and health tests);
    • manage training, competency and certification.
  • record the employment that each person has with other organisations (so you can also maintain records of people you don't employ - such as suppliers, visitors, etc);
  • generate reports such as:
    • all the details pertaining to one person (which with OSHatWork can include employment, health, incidents, training, certifications and competencies);
    • a list of people matching specified criteria (such as: all current personnel; personnel in a department on a particular date; personnel under a particular supervisor; etc).

With all the data that can be managed by OSHatWork, the reports that can be created regarding a particular person include:

  • health summary (known conditions; allergies; vaccinations; health tests, etc);
  • scheduled vaccinations and health tests;
  • medical certificates issued to them;
  • rehabilitation cases created for them;
  • incidents in which they were the affected person - and Workers' Compensation Claims arising from these;
  • training (completed and scheduled), certifications held and competencies achieved;
  • hazards and incidents reported by the person;
  • audits and inspections initiated by the person;
  • audits for which the person is the auditor;
  • inspections for which the person is the inspector;
  • risks for which the person is the risk owner;
  • chemicals for which the person is the risk owner.


A complete list of all the OSHatWork Guides is available here.